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Loudest purr by a domestic cat


Cats Protection


Smokey appeared at the Pets Show 20th/21st July 2013 Stonleigh Park Warwickshire


Smokey was  shortlisted as a finalist in the British National Feline charity Cats Protection 'National Cat Awards'


These took place in London on Thursady 16th August 2012.

Smokey was a finalist in the 'Outstanding Rescuce Cat class.' Other cats being considered by Cats Protection for this awards were

'Phoenix' (aka Sizzles) a cat from County Londonderry in Ireland who has made a really remarkable recovery from horrific injuries.She is a very brave and loving cat.

'Midge' is a cat who became famous after his owner Martin Humphreys noticed that his cat enjoyed joining him whilst he went jogging. Martin is a very keen film fanatic a created a short film showing the pair running together.The film was such a huge sucess that it was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.


Other categories include:

Most Incredible Story The nominations were:

'William' This cat suffered a horrific attack by a dog and had to crawl home on his front legs. He ended up having to have a back leg amputed but the brave cat did not give up his fight for life and made a full recovery and lives in Lancashire with his owner Debra

'Bindi' This cat help to detect a cancer in her owners chest. Whilst curled up on her owners lap the cat kept pawing unusually at her owners chest and the behaviour was so unusual that her owner visited her doctor in Surrey. The news was not good her owner had a breast cance but thanks to early detaection the cancer was treatable. The doctor told Valerie "You can thank your cat for saving your life."


'Schnookums' This cat has been providing comfort and valuable therapy to patients at a psychiatric hospital, with her owner she has visited patients in hospital in Lanarkshire and has had a very positive efffect on them. One patient whom had not spoken for months suddendly spoke saying "I had a beutiful cat like that."


Finalists in the 'Best friends category were:

'Morgan' was just a little kitten when she first met Katheryn in hosital in Leicestershire. Katheryn was suffering from a severe eating disorder and depression and was giving up her will to live. The small little kitten touched her heart and she decided to adopt her and it gave her a reason to live. Eleven years later the couple are still best frinds and Katheryn geunuinlly believes that the cat saved her life.


'Alfie' has been with his current family for nearly ten years. He provides incredible support to his owners Jane and Bethany.Bethany suffers from a long term illness and the cat has provided vauluable support to both Bethany and her mother Jane.

'Jessi-Cat' Jessi cat has helped her 7 year old young owner with his difficulty in communicating with other people. Lorcan suffers from an anxiety disorder and the cat helps to calm him so that he is able to communicate easier.


Hero Cat Finalists were:

'Leo' This brave cat from West Sussex, helped to stop a robbery at her owners home by raising the alarm and awakening her owner with very loud yowling. The robber left empty handed.

'Basil' This cat awoke her owners Sue and Les, when there was a gas leak in their home in Berkshire. The cat became very agitaed and awoke her owner Sue by patting her face with her paws.When she went into the kitchen she realised that the hob on the cooker had not been turned of and teh piolot light had gone out. The cat was able to stop a possable gas explosion from taking place.

'Charley' This cat from Northumberland, came to the aid of her owner Susan when she collapsed in her bathroom following a diabetic attack and lay unconcious on the floor whilst her husband slept. The cat went into the bedroom and awoke her husband and then led him towards the bathroom.The cat saved the womans life.


The other category was for 'Celebrity Cat' the nominations were:


'Larry the Downing street cat' who has been featured in newspapers throught out the world following his adoption from Batttersea Dogs Home to be apointed as 'Rat Catcher' for No. 10 Downing street the British Prime Minsiters home in London.

'Street Cat Bob' This cat became famous after her helped homeless James Bowen with his busking on the Streets on London and he also helped James to focus his life and move away from an addiction to drugs. The pair have been featured on Daybreak television and have now written a best selling book detailing their lifes together.


'Simon's Cat' A cartoon cat to make everyone smile and spread a little happiness and cattitude.The cat has featured on computer screens, short films and in books. He was created by animator Simon Tofield who lives in London.



1.30-2.30pm a free event suitable for the whole family

Hunsbury Library Sunday12th August ,Northamptonshire ,UK

Central ,Northampton Library  Sunday 19th August, Northamptonshire, UK

Long Buckby Library  Sunday 26th August, Northamptonshire, UK

Burton Latimer Library Sunday 9th September, Northamptonshire, UK

Wellingborough Library Sunday 16th September, Northamptonshire, UK

St James, Northampton Library Sunday 30th September, Northamptonshire, UK

Kettering Library  Sunday 4th November, Northamptonshire, UK

Wednesday 28th March 2012

Smokey feature will be in Junes issue and will be available to purchase from mid Mawas photographed and her owner interviewed by Your Cat' magazine. The double page spread y onwards.Some wonderful detailed close up pictures where taken and also photographs with Smokey's younger owner Amy aged 11 years.


'The Lady' magazine. Buy this Friday's copy of the Lady magazine Friday 39th March as it has a wonderful article written by Smokey's owner Ruth Adams about the difficulties of living with a celebrity cat.



After 6 months of waiting the footage of Smokey taken for the Animal Planets 'Must Love Cats ' show was aired in America on the Discovery channel.England will have to wait even more before they get to see the re runs. Smokey and her owner are very excited at the show and are looking forwrd to seeing the show when it airs in the UK.





We never had any doubt her at the Palace

Oh indeed! PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Yay for Smokey! Original is still the greatest

Congratulations on keeping your record

Waterstones Solihull @wstonessolihull  We can't wait for our event with @PurringSmokey on March 17th... it will be pur-r-r-r-fect!

Hope all went well on radio,we tried to listen but couldn't get radio station to play.

Congrats on retaining your title my lovely, very well done indeed! Must get a copy of your book my pal! "paws hugs" x

Amazing accomplishment, all the same! Good for you! Make us furballs proud!

Well done Smokey on keeping your World Record as the loudest Purring CAT.

8 homes! Smokey you shudda come to my Mum's house 1st try.She adpts everyone! The noisier the better.

Yay! Go Smokey

Yay for keeping the record! But C'mon ,was there really any competition? "winks" (High paw)

Well done Smokey on keeping your world record as the loudest Purring Cat




Hello Smokey love from Olivia

Hi Smokey !Lots of Love Emily

Hi Smokey, I have a cat called Raven. Ella

Hello Smokey.You are very cute and big. Chloe

Hi Smokey You are a very Cute cat xxxfrom Jasmin

Hello Smokey you are so cute love from Siobhan and Oliva xxoxox

Hello Smokey lovely meeting you xxx

Hello Smokey You are the cutest cat!I have ever met! much love! fromTara

Hello Smokey you are the freindliest cat and fluffiest cat in the world from Priya xxx

Hello Smokey You are the cutest most fluffiest cat I have ever seen from Isha XXX

Hello Smokey.You are so cute an d f uffy.Keep purring ,Hannah

Happy Fairtrade fortnight Smokey- Love from Carol the Fair trade Bee/Banana Buzzzzz x

Hello Smokey! Nice to see you again!Lots of love Karen xx

Hello Smokey Hope you live to a rigt old age nice to see you Rod and Gill

Good to meet you Smokey.Lovely to see you love Maria,Asther and Catherine

Hi Smokey Lovely to meet you Susie x

Great to meet a famous cat Roger

Hello Smokey I wish my cat would be like you from Ella

Hi Smokey I would love to hear you purr Love Anya (Smokey was asleep)

Thanks for coming in Smokey and Ruth. You have the bestest and loudest purr we have ever heard!! Please come again Love Jenn Waterstones Leamington Spa


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About Smokey the Cat (by Ruth Adams, owner)

Smokey the cat has been in our family for around 3 years. She originally came from a

Northamptonshire animal rehoming shelter named NANNA.
Northamptonshire Animals Needing Nurturing & Adoption
Northamptonshire Newfoundland Rescue
Higglety Pigglety Farm Rescue
Northamptonshire Ferret Rescue

All under the umberella of
Reg. charity No. 1115238

I had been looking for an older cat that would be happy to spend most of their time indoors as we had a very busy road near the farmhouse. I also needed a cat that would be good with dogs and children. NANNA told me that they had my purrrfect cat.

We were very excited and arrived extra early at the shelter to make sure that we would be first to see her. We viewed several moggies before making our decision. Smokey greeted us as soon as we walked into her pen. She walked towards us with her tail held high and rubbed against our legs to make friends. She purred very loudly. Smokey came with a very shy, black companion named Sooty.

My husband was not expecting two cats and was a little surprised at first. Smokey and Sooty soon settled in and Smokey has not stopped purring since.
She is LOUD, VERY LOUD and keeps going. Her purr resembles a cooing dove stuck in her throat. Sometimes she purrs so loudly it makes her cough and splutter but this does not stop her singing. She is one happy pussy and she wants to tell the whole world how happy she is.

So how did we decide to apply for the Guinness World Record for the ‘Loudest Purring Cat’?

A friend of mine, Diana, was a volunteer for the local branch of the British Charity Cats Protection. Diana wished to promote the message that it was very important to get your cats spayed or neutered in order to prevent the female cats giving birth to unwanted kittens

Cats Protection -
I suggested that as my cat made a lot of noise purring, then this would really sound good on the radio and so I suggested the idea of running a purring competition within Northampton. I contacted the local BBC Radio station and we arranged, with Diana to visit the radio station with the cat.
Smokey’s Purr was broadcast on 2.10pm Wednesday 9th February 2011 on the John Graff’s afternoon show and the important welfare message was delivered along with a purr. Smokey purrrrrformed well but not quite on cue, but the broadcast went out and her vocal carer started.
This was followed by an article in the local Newspaper called the ‘Chronicle and Echo’ mentioning the loud purring cat and the Cats Protection Charity. A web link was created allowing people to watch a video and hear her purr. This was picked up by a press agency based in Cambridge. Bav Media thought that the ‘loud purring cat’ may be of ‘National interest’, so a photographer arrived the next morning and took pictures of the cat and also recorded the sound level of Smokey’s purr using a decibel reader.
The decibel reader clocked a maximum of 92 decibels when measured close to the cat and was regularly at 80-85 decibels. This was a comparable sound level to a:

smokey smokey smokey smokey

Lawn mower, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner or a Boeing 747 coming in to land from a mile away.

One week later Smokey was featured in most of the British National press and TV interviews were soon to follow. An application was then made with Guinness World Records and official trials were organised. The whole process from happy home cat to be awarded a Guinness World Record took only 15 weeks. Smokey is now a very famous cat.

Loudest purr by a domestic cat

Guinness World Records is pleased to announce that Smokey, a 12 year-old female British short-hair cat, has been recognised as having achieved the Loudest purr by a domestic cat at 67.7 dB (LA peak).