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BBC Radio Northampton
13 / 9 / 2013
A very exciting day yesterday for Smokey as she was interviewed for BBC Radio Northampton.

10 / 9 / 2013


BBC are coming to film me tomorrow at home because I am featured in the 2014 edition of the Guinness World Records book. PURRRRRR.

Other news Smokey has been created dance tracks in a sound studio and her owner Ruth is in talks with a record production company. Watch this space!

Work is progressing well on her next book.

Smokey and the Sports Pavillion
27 / 4 / 2013
Smokey is offering a helping paw to help with the grand opening of Pitsford's new Sports Pavillion. The old pavillion was completley destroyed by fire 3 years ago and the Northmptonshire village have organised and fund raised to help the building of a new Pavillion. Momday 6th May 2013 from 2pm.

Cats Protection Northampton
27 / 4 / 2013
Smokey is to be guest of honour at Northampton Cats Protection Spring Bazzar. Between 10am and 12 noon at Christchurch Rooms, Christchurch Road, Northampton. A fund raising event for Cats Protection.

25 / 4 / 2013
Smokey visited the vets last week for a general health check and the vet has advised that she needs her teeth scraping and cleaning so Smokey has been booked in  for tomorrow 26/04/2013.I am not sure how Smokey feels about this but hopefully it will avoid future tooth decay problems. 

24 / 2 / 2013

"Come Dine with me" ITV Television in Northampton and Smokey the cat.

We were very excited today Sunday 24/02/2013 to be filmed for Britain's "Come Dine with me " programme for the televsion. This episopde is being filmed featuring competitiors around our home town of Northampton.


The programme is all about cooking and entertaing. Five competitors in turn cook a three course meal and entertain the group on following nights. The guests then secertly mark each other on their performance. How did the food taste and was their rival competitor a good host? At the end of the week the scores are compared and the guest with the highest score wins the prize money of 1,000.


Smokey and myself were not competing in the show but at the start of each show the film producer has a little introduction to each town which hosts the show. As this show centrered around Northampton, Smokey as it's famous celebrity was being fimed.


Smokey is very familiar with cameras and is not at all phased by the attention. She purred exactley when required and looked straight at the camera. A true proffesional attitude. Modelling and the movies here we come.


The show will be aired in about 3 months time around May 2013. The dinner guests are being filmed during this week. Smokey and I wish them all well and hope everything turns out well for them.


Purrrs from Smokey.

5 / 12 / 2012


Meet Smokey and her owner Ruth Adams and get Smokey's "pawtograph" and a copy of their book "Smokey the very Loud Purring Cat" Smokey has several appearances booked in before Christmas.

Saturday 8th December 2012 12-2.30pm WHSmiths Northampton

Sunday 9th December Kingsthorpe Library ,Northampton a chance to hear all about Smokey's story and find out more about Guinness World Records and how to write a book and get it published.


Thursady 13th December Booksigning WH Smith's Banbury 12noon- 2.30pm

Monday 17th December Booksigning WH Smith Corby 12noon-2.30pm

Tuesday 18th December Booksigning Weston Favel shopping centre, Northampton 12noon- 2.30pm


Thursday 20th December Booksigning WHSmith Rugby 12 noon-2.30pm

Friday 28th December 2.30pm-3.30pm StJames Library, Northampton

Friday 4th January 1.30pm-2.30pm Library talk Far Cotton library, Northampton


ITV Anglia
13 / 8 / 2012
Smokey was featured on ITV Anglia news yesterday on Sunday 12th August. They featured the talk with all the children at Hunsbury Library and her book. The event was a big sucess and a series of 6 further talks and meet Smokey sessions have been arranged. The hope is to encourage visitors into Libraries and publises the new extended Sunday opening hours.

9 / 8 / 2012

Smokey and Ruth Adams are to tour libraries in their home county of Northamptonshire giving people a chance to meet and hear Smokey and find out more about her Guinness World Record and her book 'Smokey the Very Loud Purring cat.' The event is aimed at all ages and includes a quiz to find out if the adults 'aer smarter than a ten year old.' Ruth will talk about the difficulties in setting a Guinness World Record and talk about other unusual world Records as well as describing how she came to write and get her book published. Ruth and Smokey have both appeared on National and International Tevelvision and in every UK National Newspaper. Check out smokey's web site home page for details about the talks which will take place throughout August ,September and 4th November.

Smokey and Ruth Adams are going to the National Cat Awards
9 / 8 / 2012

We are really excited to be shortlisted as finalsit in the 'National Cat Awards' These are special awards that are given by the leading British Feline charity Cats Protection to cats who have made a special contribution to their owners or friends lives. The are very similar to 'The Oscars for cats' and it it incredibly purrleased to find out that I have been invited to an awards cermony in London to meet other fellow cat enthusiasts .The excitement all takes place on Thursday 16th August..

Cats Protection work tirelessly to promote and assist in the spaying/neutering of cats and rehoming needy cats in need and provide very usefull feline help advice.Smokey became famous after helping to promote a spaying/neutring campaign for the Northampton branch of Cats Protection.Smokey is now the Guinness World Record Holder for purring Loudly.

Smokey has been shortlisted as an 'Outstanding Rescue Cat' for more details about the awards check out

16 / 4 / 2012

Smokey's going to London

We are very excited to announce the date for Smokey's 1st London book signing

Sunday 3rd June 12-3pm Waterstones Oxford Street Plaza

Meet Smokey the Internationally famous Loud Purring Cat with her owner Ruth Adam's. Smokey holds a Guinness World Record for Purring loudly. She has been recorded at Purring at a level of 14x that of an average cat. Smokey was recorded at a distance of 1 meter away purring at a level of 67.7dB. This is a sound levl equivilant to a hoover, hairdryer or lawn mower. That is a Record setting level of contentment purring in a living room.

So if you're in London come along and meet and hopefully if she is fed enough ham and is in a suitably contented mood hear the World Famous Cat.

Smokey's book is aimed at self reading children 9 years to adult and is an enjoyable shared family read. The book (told by Smokey with a bit of help) tells of how she was rehomed many times then after helping promote welfare messages for Cats Protection became an International Celebrity.

It has had good Reviews supplled by No 10 Downing Street (cat), RSPCA, Guinness World Record's and Woodgreen Rescue Centre. On the 30th March The Lady magazine ran a double page spread about the book and Smokey.

We are hoping that Smokey will be joined by a representative from Guinness World Records at her 'pawtograph' signing.

"Cat call" from London Roof tops required "Sunday 3rd June, Waterstones  London, Oxford Street Plaza, 12-3pm."

16 / 4 / 2012


Smokey the Guinness World Record's Loudest Purring Cat is to be featured in a double page spread in the June edition of 'Your Cat' magazine. Smokey has been photographed and vidioed at home and tells her amazing story of her rise to fame from unwanted cat to International Celebrity.

The magazine is available for sale from May 13th

'Your Cat' magazine and Smokey have a joint 'pawtograph' signing of her book

 Walkers bookshop in Stamford 11am-2.30pm Saturday 19th May

 to celibrate Smokey's double page spread and sign copies of her book 'Smokey the very Loud Purring Cat'

A chance to meet the Internationally famous Smokey the Purring Cat, her owner Ruth and a representative from Your Cat magazine. A must event for any cat enthusiast.


16 / 4 / 2012

An ITV film crew will be attending the Pet Blessing Ceromony at Ely Cathederal on Sunday 29th April 1.30pm. It's free admission to attend and refreshements will be available for sale afterwards on the lawns outside the Cathederal.Smokey has been asked as a 'Guest of Honour' to help promote the valuable work carried out by the 'Woodgreen' Rescue Centre for the benefit of Animals. We hope to see you there.

Staff hurt leg
16 / 4 / 2012

Smokey's owner has been seriously injured following a horse riding accident

Ruth Adam's Smokey's owner was rushed to hospital in Blackpool when a horse she was considering buying threw her off. Ruth has dislocated her knee and torn ligaments and broken her nose. She is currently awaiting a MRI scan to find out about soft tissue damage and to see if  the knee will self mend or surgury will be required. She currently is wearing a metal leg brace and has limited mobility on crutches.

Despite this disabilty Ruth is making every effort to still attend her 'Pawtograph'booksignings as at this current time it is helping her to feel motivated and positive. So please support Ruth and Smokey if you are in the area and pop in to say hello at their booksignings.

Smokey is very well and did not visit the naughty horse in Blackpool. Ruth did not buy the horse!

Ruth and Smokey's next appearance will be at Woodgreen rescue Centre's Pet Blessing at Ely Catederal 1.30pm  Sunday 29th April. It's free admission. Refreshements are available afterwards on the lawns outside the Cathederal. Ruth and Smokey are guest of Honout to help promote the very valuable work that the Woodgreen rescue Centre provide for the Welfare of Animals.

An ITV film crew will be filming the event so wear your best hat and clothes! and brush your pet.

6 / 3 / 2012


Monday 5th March 2012

It has been a very tense day in the Smokey house hold as Guinness World Records were supervising two other cats make their Guinness World Records attempts to take Smokey's title of 'Worlds loudest purring cat'

At 6.oopm the records manager telephoned me to confirm that Smokey had retained her Guinness World Record title and was still the World's Loudets Purring Cat.

Celebration PURRS required.

Sunday 11th March Smokey and Ruth are to visit London for filming as part of the Guinness World Records documentory.

Tomorrow  Tuesday 6th March we have an interview on MERCIA FM (Birmingham) and will be giving them a World News scoop about Smokey retaining her Guinness Wolrd Record's title. 

Smokey to visit London South Bank for ITV Filming
23 / 2 / 2012
Smokey will be visiting London to attend a filming session for ITV on the South Bank in London on Sunday 11th March.The filming is part of an ITV documentary about Guinness World Records which will show later on in the year, probably in the summer.

23 / 2 / 2012

I have contacted Waterstones branches in St Neots, Bedford, Banbury and Peterborough. I will post details on the webs site as soon as they are confirmed.

Ruth Adams

23 / 2 / 2012

Following on from the sucess of 'Smokey the Very loud purring cat' the tale based around the life of Smokey the Guinness World Record holder for purring I am now writing a book about my famous pony.

Robin has featured in the Uk National Press and on local TV and radio because for 6 years he and another pony took my children to school along the busy road. He also lead a Scouts Parade through Dvaentry town Cetnre with 250 scouts following and a marching band. This is an amazing for a pony. A police horse has months of training for this type of thing. Robin's love for me and trust was so great that we are able to acheive this with 1 day's notice..To find out any more you'll need to read the book.



P.S Also looking for a horse for myself 15.2hh -16.2hh schoolmaster. Would be written in to the story. A chance for your horse to become famous!

Contact me via my Web site e-mail

Thanks Ruth Adams 

23 / 2 / 2012


I am looking to purchase (or long term loan) a horse 15.2 hands to 16.2 hands aged 8 -14 years. They must be safe and non spooky as I have a back problem caused by a pony and trap accident on the road 20 years ago  and so have to aviod falling on my back.

The horse would be used for hacking and local level show may be jumping up to 2.'6" non competative or working hunter. I am looking for a freind who I can enjoy spending time with and relax. I have no wish to bring on a young horse or one with issues.I have done my time riding rearers. I offer an experienced farm home. I have owned horses for the last 20 years. Very happy to keep in touch with the horses previous/current owner.

My children used to ride their ponies to school for 6 years and we were featured on the TV for doing that and in the National Press. That is going to be the subject of my next book which I plan to start writing at Easter, so any horse will be written into the story! Watch out for 'The School Run Ponies' Will be appearing on a book shelf near you probably around January next year. Publisher's please make contact.

If you have a suitable horse for me within 50 miles radius of Northampton UK please get in touch via the e-mail on my web site.

Best wishes Ruth Adams

19 / 2 / 2012




The RSPCA has been active in Birmingahm for the last 150 years. The current animal hospital in Barnes Hill, Birmingham opened in 1962 and is now in a poor condition and not able to cope with the largedemand on its facilities. A new state of the Art Flag ship rehoming and combined hospital facility is being built by the RSPCA for Birmingahm.

The new hospital which will be the 2nd largest in the Uk and have double the capacity of Birminghams existing hospital is to be opened to the public in October 2012. There will be a visitor centre, cafe, surgery, isolation units, education/training centre and large excercise area for dogs.

The hospital will have capacity for 160 cats and 60 dogs plus many other small animals like rabbits and hamsters.

The bulid costs are a huge 9 million pounds and so far the RSPCA has been able to raise an amazing 7 million pounds. Unfortunatley that means that a further 2 million is still required to complete the facility and another 1 million to cover the running costs for the first year. So a huge effort is required to finish the last bit. Try and organise a few community social events to fund raise maybe a sposored dog walk, pet show ar dance in a community hall. Please talk about it and spread the word around the more people know about it the more likely is that someone will have some fun ideas about how to help.


Every 4 minutes an animal is rescued by an RSPCA inspector. They receive 1,000,000 calls each year about sick and injured animals. In 2010 RSPCA inspectors in Birmingham rescued 7,000 animals in Birminham.

2009 RSPCA saw a 14% increase in the number of cruelty investigations in Birmingham.



19 / 2 / 2012


Smokey the cat needs your help. We could do with a few more reviews of her book 'Smokey the very Loud Purring Cat ' by DB Publishing and written by Smokey and myself RuthAdams (Smokey's owner) posting on Amazon.

So be creative and descriptive and share your experiences of reading the book on your own with family or your cats. You can even post images of your cat with the book.That would definatley make it more interesting. Perhaps we could have a fun competition of some sort.

So get reading and writing and posting those pictures.You do not need to have purchased Smokey's book from Amazon but you will need to have an Amazon account ie have purchased an item from them in the past.

Catch up with Smokey daily (or almost daily) on twitter @PurringSmokey

Smokey's book made it to Amazon's 13,000 ish best seller today. A long way to go for the top 500, but keep up the good work with the reviews and we will hopefully get closer.

Next weekend Saturday 25th February we are visiting Coventry Waterstones. We will be there between 11am-2.30pm.Come and meet Smokey and receive a Pawtograph as well. Will have details of cats needing homes as well.Hopefully CP will be able to bring their computer along again with the slide show because that was brilliant. Pawsome

Had a few people on twitter expressing interest in Cats for adoption fromCoventry CP so the idea appears to be working and hopefully we can match a few cats with homes.

17 / 2 / 2012

Blog written Friday 17th February 2012

Smokey will be visiting Nuneaton Waterstones 11am-2.30pm tomorrow Saturday 18th February 2012. Hopefully we will see you there. The local Nuneaton newspapers have agreed to cover the event so hopefully Smokey will smile well for her pictures. (do cats smile?)

Cats Protection will be sending their local representative along to meet Smokey and give advice about Cat related matters. Details of Cats currently available for adoption will also be on show so hopefully we will be able to match a few cat lovers with some cats which need homes.

Advice will also be available on the Cats Protection Spaying and Neutering scheme. This offers Financial assistance to those who need it to carry out this procedure. One female cat could lead to 45 kittens in a year if her kittens have kittens and so it is vital that as many cats are spayed and neutered as possible as there simply are not enough homes for all the resulting kittens. To avoid a feral cat population explosion and protect cats welfare please spay and neuter your cats if not used for breeding purposes.

Come and meet Smokey in store and have a stroke.It's not every day you get to stroke an International celebrity without getting a restraing order. Smokey also offers free pawtographs for her fans, no obligation to buy the book, she just loves meeting and hopefully purring for her fans.

For those who wish copies of her amazing story will be available to be individually dedicated to friends, cats or yourself and will also recieve a pawtograph stamp in the book.

Smokey is in the middle of her Midlands tour,

Saturday 25th February Waterstones Coventry 11am-2.30pm

Saturday 3rd March Waterstones Leamington Spa 11am-2.30pm

Saturday 17th March Waterstones Solihull 11am- 2.30pm


Other dates on the educational tour (not open to public)

Smokey has started to tour schools giving a talk with Ruth about Guinness World Records and her difficulties in setting a record and the creative process involved in writing a book. It is proving a huge sucess with the children as the combination of Guinness World Records and a cat is an absolute winner with the children. Makes English lessons fun.

Spoone School Towcester 1pm Friday 24th February 2012

Tuesday 28th February11.30am Moulton School

Duston Primary School time to be confirmed Thursday 1st March

Pitsford Beavers (scouts) 5.45pm- 6.45pm Pitsford, Northampton


Smokey has recently been filmed by an ITV film company producing a documentary about Guinness World Records. This should be shown on British National television later on in the summer. Will include filming of a live radio broadcast on BBC Radio Leicester, Waterstones Pawtograph signing, a visit to Kibworth book shop, a talk to Moulton School and inerviews with Ruth and footage shot at home with her animals and paintings.


RSPCA Birmingham animal hospital appeal

Please help the RSPCA if you can.They are building a new hospital in Birmingham which should be open in October 2012. Birmingham has many case of animals in difficulty and needing help because it is the second largest city after London.This will be a flag ship rehoming and veterinary hospital combined. So far an incredible 7 million pounds has been raised however another 2 million is needed to help finish the project.The centre will also cost around 1 million pounds a year to run. So please if you have any novel, fun ideas for fund rasing or publicity please get in touch with your local RSPCA branch. It could be chance for a great community event , maybe organise a sposored walk when it gets warmer or a dance in a village /community hall or perhaps a pet show. there are lots of ways communities can pull together and help out. Smokey will be visiting Birmingaham soon to have a paws on look at the building works. We will keep you posted on our web site how things are getting on.

Looking forword to meeting Smokey's fans again soon.




25 / 1 / 2012



Last Saturday Smokey visited Waterstones at Leicester High Cross to pawtograph her books and a reporter and photographer turned up from the Leicester Murcury newspaper.Smokey enjoyed the modeling session and I think produced a great image 'reading' her book. The picture took a bit of organising as the book would not stop propped open and the cat kept knocking the book over but hopefully you agree it's a brilliant picture and article.

25 / 1 / 2012


Smokey and myself are visiting the studios of BBC Radio Warwick and Coventry to tell their listeners about Smokeys very loud purring and her book 'Smokey the very Loud Purring Cat'. Smokey will hopefully purr very loudly on cue and I am taking plenty of her favourite hammy treats along to tempt her.

We should be live on air at 3.10pm. I am aiming to get to the studios at around 2.45 so that the cat can be relaxed and settled for her singing. Just like any other top purrformer she likes to warm up.

Hopefully my sat nav in the car will direct me through Coventry alright and there will not be to many one way systems that the sat nav does not know about. Smokey and I got terribly lost around Kettering. I had better allow plenty of time for my journey.

We are back in Coventry for a pawtograph book signing on Sat 25th February 11am-2.30pm in Waterstones.




Sat 4th February Kibworth, Leicestershire 11am-2.30pm

Sat 11th Feb to be confirmed

Sat 18th February Nuneaton Waterstones 11am-2.30pm

Sat 25th February Coventry Waterstones 11am-2.30pm

Sat 2rd March Leamington Spa Waterstones 11am-2.30pm


Hopefully we will see you there.

21 / 1 / 2012

It's a busy life being a celebrity cat.

My morning started with an interview on BBC Radio Leicester at their studio in Leicester. What a superb new and spacious studio they have. It was very impressive. We met Tony Wansworth the presenter he was very friendly and Smokey relaxed imediatley and purred brilliantly for his listeners.She did upset on listeners cat so now I am wodering just exactly what is she saying in cat language.I hope she's not be purring bad things. The interview went very well and we were not at all nervous.

Whilst we were talking we were being filmed for the ITV who are producing a docummentary about Guinness World Records and have decided to feature Smokey as one of the record holdres whom they wish to follow.

We then all went to Waterstones in HX. The store was a lot larger than I imagined and there was plenty of room for the filming.Smokey was a huge people magnet. Visitors could not believe that a real cat was in a book shop. Smokey was happy with a the attention and stroking she was recieving.

We also had a visit from the Leicester Mercury who sent a photographer and a reporter.It was funny watching the ITV crew filming the reporters.

The day finished by calling in at the Book shop in Kibworth Leicstershire to discuss our next pawtograph signing and then a bit more filming at home.

Totally shattered and went straight to bed when I had finished.The cat was far more relaxed about it all.


Ruth and Smokey

Waterstones book shop Sat 21st Jan
18 / 1 / 2012

Smokey is attending Waterstones Book shop at High Cross Leicester on Saturday 21st January to pawtograph copies of her book 'Smokey the very Loud Purring Cat' by DB Publishing and written by Smokey and Ruth Adams.


The book tells in Smokey's own words (some help her ) of her rise to fame following helping with a  publicity campaign to give awarness for the need to spay and neuter cats not used for breeding purposes.Smokey is a cat with a very loud purr and it was suggested that a purring competition be organised within her home town of Northampton.The story was soon picked up by the media and smokey became an Internationally famous loud singing cat and managed to set a Guinness World Record in the process.

Smokey's book is very lighthearted and helps promote many of the welfare messages which her owner Ruth hoped to promote. The book is priced at 6.99 and has 128 pages including a 16 page colour section. Throughout the book Ruth has produced line drawings showing Smokey at home. The book also contains newspaper articles and is scattered with interesting Cat facts and proverbds.


So visit us at Waterstones in High Cross in Leicester- a chance to meet a real Guinness World Records holder and see her certificate.

SATURDAY 21ST January 11.30 am -2.30pm


Kibworth Book shop and Smokey the Cat
18 / 1 / 2012

Smokey has agreed to visit the Kibworth book shop on the High Street in Kibworth Leicestershire on February 4th at 11am 2012. Smokey will be pawtograph signing copies of her autobiography book 'Smokey the Very Loud Purring  Cat' Published by DBPublishing and written by Ruth Adams and Smokey.

 The book tellls of Smokey's rise to fame. Through helping promote welfare messages at a local animal shelter Smokey's loud purring talents were discovered by the media and she was purrrsauded to apply for a Guinness World Record. Smokey has been featured in every UK Newspaper on Daybreak TV,Anglia and BBC Look East and has even been filmed by American ABC news and NBC news.

Kibworth book shop is an independant book shop with an imaculate interior tastefully decorated with white book shelves stacked with facinating titles.There is real attention to ever detail in the shop and the pleasure of visiting a book shop returns and you may even but a book as well. The book shop has recieved a very good review in the Daily Telegraph Newspaper. We are very excited to be visiting Kibworth Book shop as this is the first Independant bookshop we have visited. So hopefully we will see you there. Even if you can't make it that day why not visit the book shop your self and have a look it is a real gem of a find for book enthusiasts.


Date for your diary Saturday 4th February 2012 Kibworth book shop, Leicestershire.

18 / 1 / 2012

Smokey will have an ITV Film crew following her to her radio inbterview on the Tony Wadsworth show on Saturday 21st Jan 2012.

They are producing a docummentary about Guinness World Record's and are featuring a few Guinness World Records to find out there motivation for applying for a GWR and how it has since effected their lives.

Smokey the very loud purring cat is one of the records they have chosen to investigate.

Following our rado interview we are going to Waterstones at High Cross to pawtograph book sign copies of Smokey's book 'Smokey the very Loud Purring Cat' published by DB Publishing and written by Smokey and Ruth Adams.The book tells of Smokey's rise to fame.The film crew will take some footage inside the store to demostarte Smokey meeting her fans. Thank fully Smokey is used to being the centre of attention and is very relaxed with media film crews following her about.

Hopefully if you live in Leicestershire We will see you there.


I wonder if there is a Guinness World Record for how many members of the public can you cram into a Waterstones branch.If there isn't one I  believe we may set one.

Ruth and Smokey x




18 / 1 / 2012

Smokey will be visiting the BBC radio Leicester studio to join Tony Wadsworth show at 10am on Saturday 21st January 2012.

 We will talk about how Smokey's purr was discovered, the importatant spaying and neutering campaign and setting a Guinness World Record. We will also talk about Smokey's autobiography book 'Smokey the very loud Purring Cat' by DB Publishing and written by Smokey and Ruth Adams. The book tells her story of her rise to fame i her own words( with my help!).

Plus I am sure Tony and his listeners will have some extra questions lined up to ask us. We are very excited about our interview.Hopefully Smokey will oblige and purr on cue but you know what they say about working in film/media with children and animals. I will do my best an take plenty of her favourite hammy along that usually works her up into a purring frenzy.

30 / 12 / 2011



Please can anyone help with a missing cat as her owner is devasted.Missing from Brixworth near Northampton UK from November female. The owner is totally devastated can any one help find her. Please keep a look out if you are local to this.Big purrs of support. Thanks

6th November 2011
6 / 11 / 2011

It is with great saddness that I have to announce the death of Puss Puss, Smokey's outdoor friend. Puss Puss was run over on the road a victim of hit and run and was killed.We are all totally devastated at the loss as she was a pleasure to be around. She will be greatly missed in the stable yard.

I hope that she is happy now chasing bunnies in the sky.I love you 'Puss Puss' If you can hear me.I miss you. Ruth xx Smokey and Sooty.

Friday 5th November 2011
5 / 11 / 2011

Hello to all my new aniplas on twitter. It is so much fun talking to you all and totally amasing that we can chat across the globe. Totally pawsome. I never knew that there weer so many fellow cat lovers out there. My mum loves all animals as well as cats as we live on a farm.


LovePets show went well Smokey was very relaxed and happy to meet her fans. She had a travel cot with litter tray in and blankets which she adjourned to to catch a few naps and snacks in between purring. Smokey is a very in your face people loving cat and thrives on attention.


We were very excited to have a visit from Van the Guinness World Records animals adjudicator who came to visit Smokey. We were very happy that our stand passed the GWR inspection. A team of 5 friends helped run the exhibition stand and we created lots of display boards with photographs and newspaper articles on. We also had a computer showing TV footage and our web site. We also promoted lots of cat welfare messages. A big thank you to all who helped with the stand. You are pawsome.


12th November 2011 Waterstones book shop Northampton. Smokey will be signing pawtographs of her new book 'Smokey the very loud purring cat' by Smokey and Ruth Adams. Published by DB Publishing.

Also available on Amazon who will ship globally.

Smokey's book has been featured over the last week on Heart Fm radio who have been reading extracts from the book.

Smokey's book has a review from Larry the number 10 Downing Street Cat and a forward from the RSPCA and also amazingly an 8 page introduction from Craig Gelnday the ediitor in chief of Guinness World Records. He has written a facinating intro about the history of GWR and gives details of other animal records. Guinness World Records is an incredible book. Once you pick it up you can't help but be facinated and pass it round. You will not believe some of the things in the book.


I should say that my book is equally brilliant but you may think I am biased. ( it's brilliant !)


Have also produced some Smokey book marks to match the book and some christams cards. Deatails will be appearing on the web site.

Will post some pictures of the show on the web site soon.


Ruth and Smokey xxx


p.s heelo to my new 'Spooky' friend on twitter!


Awaiting Animal Planet
29 / 9 / 2011

Feeling very nervous at the momment as I am awaiting The Discovery Planets I love my  Cats show. Hope Smokey purrrforms well. She never minds. I do the worrying for her.

Ruth and Smokey

28 / 9 / 2011

Busy day tommorow as Animal Planets Discovery Channel I love Cats is filming. Hope I purr well for America.

MY book is now available for pre order from Amazon

Busy working on the exhibition pannels for the show at Peterborough on the 29th/30th October 2011

Went to vets two days ago as I hurt my leg and he has given me some drops to take. Nothing serious and I should be back to normal soon.

Smokey x

17 / 9 / 2011

Waterstones Northampton book shop today Saturday 17th a Guinness World Records book signing with my pawtograph. A chance to see and hopefully hear a Guinness World Records record holder. Smokey will be there between 12 noon and 2pm with owner Ruth to answer your questions about setting a Guinness World Record and to promote the benefits in Spaying and Neutering your cats. One female can lead to 45 in a year if her kittens have kittens.

See the 2012 edition of the Guinness World Records book which features Smokey. For the first time the book has an augmented reality function. If you hold the book up towards a computers camera it will play video footage  relating to the World Record which you are interested in. Amazing.

Chance to have your picture taken with Smokey. No flashe photography please as may dazzle her.


Waterstones book shop Saturday 17th 12-2pm
16 / 9 / 2011

Hello fans,Smokey the cat here.

Please come and see me at Waterstones Bookshop in Northampton between 12 noon and 2pm tomorrow Saturday 17th September. My mum is nevous about this but she need not worry I am looking forward to seeing my friends. I will be signing pawtograph prints of the Guinness World Records books in which I feature.

16 / 9 / 2011



Well we made it just in time and fitted in to the stop press section of the very famous Guinness World Records book.

We are delighted as only 10% of new records can fit in the book each year.

Did you know that the Guinness World Records book is available  in 100 countries in 28 different languages.

To date about 115 million copies have been printed.

About 4 million are sold each year

The book was first launched in 1955

Guinness World Records is the largest selling updated copywrighted series book.

The Guinness World Records book is the most stolen book in the American libraries. (that bit they are not happy about!)

Guinness World Records make no payment to record holders or offers any assistance towards costs. The prize in recieving the award is the certificate and the knowledge that you are a Guinness World Records record breaker.Smokey is delighted at the opportunityof publicity in recieving a Guinness World Record certificate has given her to help promote the spaying and neutering of cats message.

But the most amazing statistic is that a little grey rehomed rescue cat with her happy contented purr is in it.

Smokey will be at Waterstones book shop in Northampton on Saturday 17th September to meet people and sign pawtographs of the GWR book (or to be truthful her owner will do the stamping on her behalf)

Smokey has a large comfortable mesh sided travel cot for public appearences so that people can see her but not touch her as we do not wish to upset the cat. The cot also has a mesh cover.Inside is her litter tray,favourite blanket,smelly sock, cushion and the all imortant snack bowl which is essential for purring and water. Smokey is carrying out public appearences to help promote the welfare messages of spaying and neutering which are very important to her and her owner.

One female cat can lead to 45 cats in a year if her kittens have kittens at the age of 5 months old. This is a lot of feline mouths to feed and there simply are not enough loving cat owners out there to adopt all these cats.Many end up as strays,neglected or destroyed. People can avoid all this unneccesary suffering by getting there cats spayed if not to be used for pedigree bredding purposes.

The leading UK feline charity called Cats Protection can offer assistance towards this proceedure in the UK.

Smokey just like every other pedigree cat that attends cat shows is used to making public appearences and is lookingforward to meeting her followers soon.

Keep happy and keep purring


You can follow Smokey on twitter @PurringSmokey




4 / 9 / 2011

Excellent news Smokey has found a publisher for her book. Can't stop telling every one.


2 / 9 / 2011

Good news Smokey has found her publisher so the Smokey story will be out soon. Go and ask for it if you are in wh Smiths or Waterstones and they will want to stock it.

Very excited news, just have a few more minor additions to make to the book and then we are ready to roll.




18 / 8 / 2011

18th August 2011

Amazing Smokey is now featured on the home page of Guinness World Records Check out


Now have added a welfare page / cats for adoption page on our web site. We will be adding to this reguarly and hopefully we will be able to help out a few cats.


Still need a few more Cats to upload on to Smokeys friends page. You may need to use the sacle your image first inorder to upload it.

Ruth and Smokey

Still limping
16 / 8 / 2011

Tuesday 16th August

Still limping but does not appear in any way distressed, so do not think any thing is broken as still jumping on table and chair and eating. May be it is a strain.Hopefully in a few days she will be better. Ruth and Smokey

15 / 8 / 2011

Monday 15th August

Bad News!

Somkey has hurt her leg, she is limping and im worried!! :(

But it can't be to serious cause shes still purring! :)

We think she might have fell down the stair or got in a fight with Puss Puss.                                            

By Amy (Ruth's Daughter)

P.S they got a new litter trey yesterday they are getting on with it well. ;) xxxx

15 / 8 / 2011

Monday 15th August

Smokey now has a welfare page so that you can post welfare stories about cats. If you have an interesting story about a cat that you would like to share with others then upload it on to Smokey's web site. We welcome happy endings stories from welfare shelters.Everyone loves a happy ending.

Ruth and Smokey

We are now also on Twitter

13 / 8 / 2011

Saturday 13th August

Good news Sooty has not made any mess over night or yesterday in the lounge.

Bad news she did not use the litter tray either.

Have I wasted my money buying a litter tray she will not use?


May be not if it breaks the habit.

I threw out the rug which she decided was her toilet area so hopefully now there is no longer any 'this is the toilet area' odour she will use her cat flap.

May be I had better leave it a week before I celibrate.

Totally different cat matter.

We  adopted a stray white cat who arrived on the farm six months ago, who we very un originally called ' Puss Puss' We started feeding her as she was a skeleton on legs and thought she would move on but she remained and started to respond to the call 'Puss Puss'

If I was to give her a name now it would be 'milky' as she loves milk. (yes I know its bad for cats but no body has told her and she can't lap up enough.)

 Any way dilema. The cat is a feral hunter , very affectionatte but lives to hunt, that is what kept her alive before we 'adopted' her.

Her favourite is wild rabbit.

This pleases all the local farmers but she will not eat commercial 'wet ' cat food. I wish to turn her in to a plump loved cat but she will not eat any variety of wet food. I have tried. She will also not eat fresh raw meat from our fridge or at room temprature or  fresh rabbit from the local game keeper. She will ony eat what she catches herself.

She will pick at dried biscuits, lick the jelly/gravy of commercila wet food and adours milk. When she has a succesful week hunting she puts on wieght and will devoir a whole rabbit she has caught, How does she do that fur and all?  When she does not catch her food she looses weight. Yes I worm her , so that is not why she looses wieght. She does however enjoy milk, so despite it being bad for her ( cats can not totally digest cows milk as it causes runny toilet issues) I feed her daily milk. As she is an outdoor girl ( visits indoors but prefers life outside)  We are not worried about her toilet isses.

We placed her in a cattery a few months ago when we went on holiday as we were worried she would leave  (which she can do at any time) if she did not see us around. The owner of the cattery asked the usual question of "what does she like to eat?" I could not resist a smile when I said " rabbit- preferably alive and kicking" The owner of the cattery was not imppressed and informed me that they could not supply that.

 Any way two weeks latter I went to pick up my cat to find out she had behaved herself and had eaten her commercial dinners and did not appear to have lost any wieght.The cattery owner described her as adorable and very affectionate. Which she is , but she is a hunter. Brilliant for mice/rodent control I just feal frustrated that as a human I can not 'provide' for my pet. 

Obviously if she is shut in a pen and has no alternative, she will eat commercial food. She is a very happy and loveable cat who prefers to sort out her own meals. Thank fully bird does not appear to be on her menu selection and the rabbits breed in  uncrontrollable pest proportions.. 

It reminds me that all cats are 'wild' animals undreneath their domesticated exterior.

12 / 8 / 2011

Friday 12th August

I have finally worked out how to upload the photographs. So please send some accross to add to Smokey's friends.

I had to resort to buying a litter tray today for Sooty, Smokey's companion. Despite living with us for 3 years and having access to a cat flap she has decided that she prefers the corner of our lounge. This I am not very happy about. Despite all the cat repelant sparays she will not be pursuaded other wise so I have reluctley given in admitted defeat and purchased a litter tray. Do cats go senile in old age? How can a house trained cat decide at 12 years old it no longer wishes to be house trained.

Smokey is not the guilty party. She enjoys her excursions in to the garden.


Smokey was contacted by an American film crew yesterday who are planning to come and film her at the end of October. This is very exciting. They will be filming several cats whilst over in the UK. We will post a blog after they've been  to tell you how it all went.

Check ou we are now on Twitter as well @SmokeyPurring

Ruth and Smokey

11 / 8 / 2011

Wednesday 10th August

Smokey joined twitter yesterday and could do with a few friends and followers!

Smokey has agreed to attend a cat show organised by the International Cat Association to say hello and hopefully purr for everyone. I will let you know a date when I have one. Smokey has never been to a cat show before, so we could do with some tips as to what to expect.

Smokey has only ever been shampooed once. She adores being brushed. She hated the bath when I gave it her before. I hope she will forgive me. I am not planning to compete in any class with Smokey but just get a feel of what goes on at a cat show and allow Smokey to meet all there.We are very excited about it.

We could do with a few more entries to our colouring competition. We would love to make this a large colourful cat competition. Closing date is not until 31st December 2011 so there is plenty of time to get your entries in.

Cats Protection have placed details of the colouring competition on their childrens web page,  which Smokey is very grateful for. Tell all your cat friends with children so they can enter.

I have had a go with the uploading of your cats photographs facility. It does work but it is complicated. You need to resize your image in order to place it one the web site.That is reduce the number of pixels in the photograph.Todays cameras take high quality images which are to large for the computer to upload. If you click on the link from the web site then this will take you to a page which will help you do this. Shows a picture of a mountain. Select your cats  picture from your computer and crop it if you wish and then click the resize icon (orange circle shaped). It may take a couple of minutes to complete this. Your cropped picture will then be shown and you need to click on save picture. This is then saved on your down loaded file on your computer .

You then need to go back to the page for upload your cat and click the upload your cat and retrieve the resized picture from your downloaded images file.

This will then be sent to Smokey for placing on the web page.

Complicated!!!Sorry about that. I think you need a certificate if you manage to do it. We are looking into finding out if there is a simpler method.

We have been working on a welfare page which should be going live soon. This will feature weekly welfare stories and pictures. The first story has been supplied by Cats Protection. If you have any amusing/interesting stories about your cat please let us know so that we can post it on the web site. You can either e-mail them to Smokey's web site or use the upload your story facility.Idealy we are looking for stories which would be of interest or benifit to all cat lovers. Hopefully this will be easier than the uploading of your photographs! The welfare page should be posted later on this week. Look out for it.

If any one has any other sugestions/ cat stories on what thy would like to see on Smokey's web site .Do let us know.

Bye for now



Printing pictures
28 / 6 / 2011
You may need to resize the illustrations to print out. We are working on this so you will not need to resize.

Smokey's colouring competition
27 / 6 / 2011

Smokey has been a busy girl writing her book and producing the illustrations. She would like help from children ( or young at heart!) adults to help her colour them in. Click on the competition details on the home page and select a drawing and then download it to print out. Colour it in. Then return it by post to:

Smokey the Purring Cat. com

PO BOX 1047




All appliactions recieved will be posted on line with the persons first name, age and country e.g Amanda, aged 10 years, Australia. Adults need not declare ther age if they wish to post in an entry.You can become an International illustrator!

From all the entries recieved Smokey will select her favourites to be published in her book. Those which are published in the book will recieve a signed copy of the book and a Guinness World Records book 2012 which features Smokey in the stop press section.

So get colouring and lets make this a real fun International competition.The more International the better.

When sending in your competition entry you will need to pay the postage to the UK. Remember to include your name and address and country so that if you are a winner we can contact you and send you your prizes.

The PO BOX number may also be used for Smokey fan mail/correspondence. If you require a reply please include a return  stamped addressed envelope to your country.

So get colouring. Have fun


8th June 2011
9 / 6 / 2011
Yesterday was a mixed day for Smokey. The morning went well as she did a follow on interview at the farm with Heart FM Radio station. She was purring very well and I also felt very happy and relaxed................. The evening was a different story. Smokey and our adopted stray outdoor cat Puss Puss decided to get in to a fight. I was not around to see who started the fight but I heard the commotion from the kitchen.Smokey had a scritch to her leg and lost a claw which we found in Puss Puss's head. Only supeficial injuries both cats are fine, however I do not think they have shook paws and made up. I do not know if they were fighting over 'territory' or if Smokey was jelious that I made a fuss over Puss Puss. Later on that evening I completed a questionnaire from an American magazine which took me considerably longer than usual as I kept being plunged in to darkness with power cuts...............I now have a PO BOX address set up for Smokey which is on our home page bottom right under contact. So Somokey can now recieve any fan mail or enquires. If you would like a reply please send a stamped addressed envelope to your country and be patient as there is no team of admin staff only me to reply. my next project will be to set up an e-mail account for the cat...............remember to keep visiting the to view Smokey. We would like to turn her into the most viewed Giunness World Record. We are currently in 10th place. Leave a comment as well and then we ould also become the most commented on story. THANKS

Tuesday 7th June
7 / 6 / 2011
Smokey has had a busy few days. On Sunday she visited the Town and Country veterinary centre in Market Harborough(UK) to be a guest at their Open day/ opening of their new hospital. Smokey had her own meeting/consulting room and made a lot of new friends. Visitors enjoyed being able to stroke a real International Celebrity! Smokey also promoted the UK cat charity Cats Charity Cats Protection.Smokey had several photographs taken by a pet portrait photographer with her cetrificate and we are hoping to be able to distribute the image shortly to the press and web site.The afternoon went very well but Smokey did not wish to purr. Visiting a vets is never an animals favourite place and there was a lot of new people around and dogs, so she was not feeling her most relaxed. It was very busy so hopefully the new hospital had a good day....................... On Monday Smokey and I were interviewed by a leading UK Radio station Heart FM. We gave their listeners an update on what we have been up to since recieving our certificate from GWR. The news piece is due to be aired later on in the week. I also sent them varrious pictures for their web site.................I am still trying to find a literary agent and am working my way through the Writers and Artists year book for contacts............. We have had a few problems with the uploading of your cats as the picture sizes have been to large (pixels) and so we are looking into alternative ways of doing this. Sorry if we have not yet been able to upload your cat. We will get there eventually and are working to fix it................... Please check out the Guinness World Record Web site and see Smokey's details. We are trying to male it higher up heir most viewed chart! We are currentlty in 10th place.....

3 / 6 / 2011
Smokey will be interviewed by UK radio station Heart FM on Monday at 11.00am. I am not sure if this will be a live broadcast or will be aired later in the day......... Do not forget Sunday 1-3pm Town and Country Veterinary centre, Market Harborough, UK meet the public opportunity. A chance to see Smokey and view her press cuttings.Smokey will be recieving a veterinary examination and will be recieving a vaccination. This she is not sure about.I hope they will give her a sticker for being brave........... Having trouble locating a literary agent, so any literary agents / publishers please get in touch. Based in UK or New York....... Bye for now keep happy , keep purring, Ruth and Smokey

1 / 6 / 2011
Wednesday 01/06/2011 Smokey is very excited that she has been invited to attend the Official opening of a new local veterinary hospital on Sunday 5th June. For details see She is not very happy about the fact that I have booked her in for a vaccination! I have requested a PO BOX number from the Royal Mail for the web site. This usually takes about 2 weeks to set up. Smokey will then be able to recieve any letters and photographs of your cat to post on the web site. You will also be able to post any interesting short cat stories/ poems or welfare messages for inclusion in the web site. I have started producing the drawings for the book. A selection of these will be placed on Smokey's web site for children (or adults!) to colour in and if they wish post to the PO BOX for inclusion on the web site. A few will be selected and will be reproduced in Smokey's book. We thought this would be a fantastic way to demonstrate the International Nature of her story and would enable a lot of children (and adults) a bit of fun. We would like the first name, age and Country/State of those who enter the competition.(no age required for adults) Those included in the book will recieve a signed copy of the book and other Smokey prizes.More details later. Smokey did a purr interview recently with the Gulf States Radio for the 'In all directions' programme, which is due to be aired today. Keep purring and Happy, Ruth and Smokey

28th May p.s
28 / 5 / 2011
P.s Forgot to mention check out and view Smokeys World Record report.In only 3 months Smokey has become the 10th most viewed of all their World Records on line. We would like to see how far up the list we Smokey followers can get her. Keep clicking! Also we could do with some people leaving comments about the story on her Guinness page as this will also keep her up in their ratings system! Smokey currently has had 37,579 views only 71 behind the hairiest child and has over taken the tallest man. Still ahead off her are the tallest dog, oldest dog and oldest man.

Saturday 28th May
28 / 5 / 2011
Had a good meeting with Ryan the web designer. We are aware that the uploading of your cat pictures is not working and so we will be sorting this out. We will be making a few updates over the next few days and posting pictures of our ponies who have also been featured on British Television, local radio and in the National Press. To find out why keep checking our web site! The book is going through proof reading and spell check prior to going to the publisher and Ruth is producing the illustrations and supplying photographs. Smokey will be making a guest star public appearence at the Town and Country Veterinary Centre Open Event in Market Harbourough (UK)on Sunday 5th June between 1-3pm.

Tuesday 24th May
24 / 5 / 2011
I believe that there has been some difficulty in uploading pictures of your cat on the web site. I am seeing the web designer on friday so we shouldhave it all sorted then. The typing of the book is going well and I finally finished it last night with Smokey. We are doing the proof reading and then we shall send a draft to publishers. Smokey is featured in tonights Chronicle and Echo Newspaper (Northampton) with here Guinness World Record Certificate.Nice picture.

Sunday 22 may
22 / 5 / 2011
The photo shoot at Northampton college went very well. Hopefully the pictures should be featured in the Northampton Chronicle and Echo newspaper tommorrow, Monday.Everyone in the Smokey support team were very excited to see and hold the Guinness World Record Certificate. Smokey has been asked to be the mascot for the Northampton College and she accepted with pleasure. I have nearly finished Typing up, with Smokey the final chapters of her book, so a team of friends and Smokey supporters will be proof reading the copy. We are currently approaching publishers for the book. We will keep you posted. Smokey is looking in to the possibility of attending the large cat show at Birmingham in November.

photo shoot 20th May 2011
21 / 5 / 2011
Well I had a busy day yesterday, as I returned to Northampton College to look at their new Music Department building. It was amazing. I met up again with my team who helped me prepare my bid for the Guinness World Record for the loudest purr.The Chronicle and Echo Newspaper attended and took a few pictures of me and my friends along with my Guinness World Record certificate.I had a go at the mixing desk. I love the mouse they have attached to the computer for cats to play with.I was very honoured, when the Northampton College asked me to become their mascot.Of course I agreed. It would be a privelidge.I enjoyed the photo session as they provided a very comfy chair for me with a cushion.My owner will be buying the paper tommorow (or Monday) depending on when the paper can fit in the story.Its a big day for Northampton today as our Rugby Team the Saints are playing a very important final match for a European competition in Cardiff.Come on you 'Saints' thats what they call the team.

Smokey the cats first blog
19 / 5 / 2011
Thursday 19th May Well it has been a very exciting week as I have recieved my Guinness World Record Official Certificate. I am being pictured tommorow by the local press with my certificate and then we will share the images with you.The Smokey support team are all turning up as well to join in the photo call. The certificate has a large blue Guinness World Record logo at the top and a shiny hologram at the bottom.My owner has proudly placed it in a frame and the family are currently deciding on which wall to place it on. I hope you like my web site. I am trying to find ways to make it more interactive and easier to follow. I would like to expand it with more welfare and cat/animal related stories. I am working on my book and now I know the result from Guinness World Records I can write the final few chapters to complete the story. I do like a story with a happy ending. I did mine, and my owners first ever skype call last Sunday, to a Television Company called White Bait in New Zealand. It was very difficult for the camera on the computer to see me as it is set up for a human and not a cat. I am hoping to organise a childrens colouring competition soon. I will keep you posted on my blog. Keep checking my web site for new stories and pictures. Bye for now Smokey

First Blog Post
3 / 5 / 2011
Welcome to Smokey's new Webiste ...