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news flash The sequal to "Smokey the very Loud Purring  Cat" is currently being written.Hopefully sheduled to be published in August 2013.

Meet Smokey. An official international cat celebrity - as recognised by the Guinness World Records - due to her incredibly loud purr!

Smokey has appeared on American ABC News and NBC News, as well as The BBC World Service, Daybreak and almost every UK National newspaper.

Through no fault of her own Smokey was passed through several homes before finally settling with the Adams family. Through volunteering to help promote welfare messages for her local branch of Cats Protection her loud purring talent was discovered by the media, which led to her entry into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Now Smokey tells the story of her rise to fame in her own words, with the help of her owner Ruth Adams of course. Touching and light hearted, if you’re not a cat lover already, you’re guaranteed to be one after reading this extraordinary tale.


" Smokey is a worthy record holder - if her purring is a measure of happiness she must be also the happiest cat on the planet!" John Griff BBC Radio Northampton


" The delightful, life-affirming tale of one very special cat's quest to be a record breaker." The Lady Magazine


" Smokey the purring cat capured the imagination of listeners to Heart Breakfast with Stuart & Natalie when we featured her, and we're thrilled that she now has her own book!" Heart Four Counties Radio

" A lovely tale ...Smokey and Ruth take us through her incredible journey from unwanted puss to celebrity cat in a humerous and often touching style, including cat tips and facts along the way. A must for cat lovers everywhere..." Wood Green, the Animal Charity


"Take time from it all with this little book of sunshine. A lovable tale about a very special rescue cat, perfect for brightening up your day. Definitely one to purr about!" Angela Kenny, Deputy Editor Your Cat magazine

 The Guardian newspaper "Children's books has also reviewed "Smokey the Very Loud Purring Cat" who quoted "... I absolutely loved this book, it was fantastic. Parts of the book are funny...." to read the whole of the quote please visit The web site has reviews on many other books so is well worth a visit.


Smokey's book has received a celebrity review fron Larry the Cat at No10 Downing Street, which is printed inside the book.

 ...."Smokey's first book is in my cat eyes is a huge sucess.It's comic style and insightful titbits into the art of Smokey's talent allows all to truley respect her gift and, at the same time, leave them smiling like one of my friends from Chesire.This book is pawfect for all ages and species, maybe even dogs as well!

I look forward to seeingSmokey following in the paw prints of my good friends, Bagpuss and Garfield and having her own TV series.

So I congratulate Smokey, the loudest cat in the world, on her wonderful book.Smokey you really are the cat that got the cream!" Larry the Downing Street Cat.

The RSPCA have also provided a welfare foreword for the book written by Dr James Yeates Head of companion animals.

...."I was very pleased to be asked to provide a foreword for this lovely book.It tells the story-part fiction, part fact- of Smokey, a cat who has recently risen to fame on the strength of her purr.Ruth, her owner, clearly loves not only Smokey but also all cats, and wanted this book to assist readers to help other cats..."

Guinness World Records editor in Cheif Craig Glenday has supplied a chapter in Smokey's book giving a facinating history of Guinness World Records and other amazing animal records....."And so to Smokey the cat, who has honoured me with the request of contributing these few words. I'm more than happy to accept - it's not every day a cat asks you to write a chapter for its autobiography! (to be honest, neither is it every day that a cat writes an autobiography!)..."

Diana Johnson volunter helper Cats Protection ..."Smokey's association with Cats Protection began with a casual remark by her owner, Ruth Adams, about fund-raisng for local cats. This initial sugestion soon excalated into radio and TV interviews and, as they say, the rest is history, asSmokey is now internationally known through the Guinness Book of World Records due to her exceptional purr.

Smokey has proved herself to be a wonderful asset to Cats Protection by promoting the all-important neutering programme and bringing cat-ownership to the attention of many more people..."


(if you write a review on Amazon I wil post it also on Smokey's web site)

"Really enjoyed the book,I took it away with me on holiday, and I couldn't put it down. It's wonderful that Smokey has landed on her feet and has now found her forever home"

" A very amusing light hearted read which kept the book in my hands for hours. A very well written comical tale of a loveable cat, well worth a read to all ages, cat lovers or not and a facinating insight into acheiving a Guinness World Record and the tale behind the news stories. Following reading the book checked out the website and found a fantastic selection of photographs of the records attempts and Smokey at home..Bring on a movie!"

"I really enjoyed this book, it would siut anyone that loves cats.Well worth a read.A good fun read."

This book was fantastic to read with my young children who absolutley loved it.Great story with a wonderful ending"

"I really enjoyed reading this lovely book.Before I did not like cats but since I have read this book I have changed my point of view. It did give me some insight into a cat's life and how much they depend on their owners.Also, in this case, how much a cat can change the owner's life right up to making people famous by purring at them intensely.A book full of love and insight into a life with animals. Very recommendable"

"Wonderful story of the story of an unwanted cat to the happy ever after of a very happy and contented home.Very touching and very informative on the project experience."

"A very cute tale told by Smokey, the world's loudest purring kitty.Her story has sad moments but she prevails in the end.If you love cats, you will love this read.Well done Smokey for her World Record and first great book."

"I throroughly enjoyed this book and found it intriguing how Ruth has actually put herself in Smokey's skin and told the story from Smokey's point of view- such imagination and I love the illustrations and the photos which make it a good allround read.Would recommend it to any cat lover of any age,"

"The book was a pleasure to read-from the fiction story on Smokey's past experiences in various families to the recent adventures of her owner trying to record the purr for the  Guinness Book, and handling the media interst in her cat. A well written and pleasant book which provides insight into the experiences that not many of us will be familiar with.Certainly to recommend." 

"An excellent story for all ages about Smokey the cats story who ends up in the World Guiness book of Records for the loudest purr!"

"This book is a fantastic read and I could not put it down once I started reading. I then passed it to my daughters who also loved it.The tale is heart warming and well written - a definate must-have!"

"Delightful feel good read for all ages. Wonderful present to receive and a night time hared read to look forward to. Sweet dreams"

"A pawsome book.My staff loved this book (I bought it for them for Christmas).It tells the story of how Smokey came to live with her staff and then how, together, they achieved a Guinness World Record. Purring Smokey is a wonderful cat and the book is a good read for any animal lover. An excellent foreword by Dr James Yeates of the RSPCA and another by Diana Johnson at Cats Protection (and also one form Larry the Downing StreetCat) Give this book to your cat loving freinds ( and get one for your self too.)"

"What a lovely story! After numerous homes Smokey eventually finds her forever home with Ruth and a family who adore her.And to put the icing on the cake she becomes a Guinness World Record Holder for the loudest purr! A funny sometimes sad account of the events of her life straight from the cats mouth so to speak. A story that will warm the hearts of cat lovers every where."

"Such a great book.A lovely happy ending after a bad start and to put the icing on the cake a Guinness World Record. A great read for all ages......always makes you think....if animals could talk..."

"This lovely book is about Smokey who has the loudset purr in the World, she has won the Guinness World Record for the loudest purring cat in the world

.The book starts off about the life of Smokey with her moving from home to home and in between living in cat rescue homes. And then finally after years of moving she finds her perfect owners Ruth Adams and her family. This is when Ruth finds out her cat has a telent.

 Ruth and her friend who worked for a cat charity decidied they would have a purring competition to promote the impotrance of spaying and neutering cats. So overnight Smokey becomes a world wide star, she is in the news, local and worldwide papers and even the radio. As the story goes on you realise thedream of the world record was almost shattered but with determination she did it and won.

This book woul dsuit any child, adult and cat overs or make non cat overs fall in love.

The beginning of the book has a foreword by "Larry the Downing Street Cat" and lovely cat facts and sketches. There are also loads of lovely photographs of Smokey and her human and pet family.

Please read this book and you will see what an amazing cat Smokey is with a massive heart and a very loud purr."

"Smokey, the very loud purring cat, tells her story with charm,wit and patriotism,When she learns the BBC will interview her, she says, 'I was purring for England. She may belong to England but she purrs her way to the hearts of the world.

After being returned to an animal shelter aheart breaking number of times, Smokey finds her purrfect family. And loudly purrs her way to a GuinnessWorld Record while promoting spaying and neutering to save lives.Smokey's book begins with introductions by the RSPCA, Larry 'The Downing Street Cat', and the Guinness World Records editor--who shares the history of Guinness World Records creation. I don't want to include spoilers I'll just say Guinness World Records began, as great stories often do in a pub.

I recommend Smokey to any one who loves the story of a herine triumhing over adversity by a special attribute."

"What fun I had reading about my freind Smokey.He certainly has the loudest purrI have ever heard.I have invited him over to LA and have reserved a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Hopefully Top Cat and the gang may come and join us! Such a great story!"




Book signing "Pawtographs" Smokey has been on tour stamping copies of her book with a rubber stamp of her paw.All locations listed were in the UK.

Saturday 29th October and Sunday 30th October 2011 Book is launched at I Love Pets Show in Peterborough. Where Smokey was a star attraction at the show.

Saturday 12th November 2011 Northampton  book signingWaterstones.

Saturday 10th December 2011 Kettering  booksigning Waterstones.

Sunday 11th December Brixworth Country Fair Smokey helped promote Cats Protection  Fair 2011.

Saturday 26th November 2011 Cats Protection Fund Raising  Christmas Bazar.

Saturday 3rd December 2011 Milton Keynes  booksigning Waterstones.

Wednesday 7th December Creative writing talk with Smokey at Moulton School, Northamptonshire.

Saturday 17th December 2011 Market Harborough, Leicestershire booksigning,Waterstones.

Saturday 4th February 2012 book signing Kibwoth, Leicestershire.

Wednesday 7th February Creative writing talk Moulton school, Northamptonshire.

Saturday 11th February interview BBC Radio Birmingham to help promote Leaps and Bounds Appeal for the RSPCA charity and talk about the book.

Saturday 11th February 2012 booksigning Birmingham Waterstones, West Midlands.

Saturday 18th February 2012 booksigning Nuneaton Waterstones ,Warwickshire.

Friday 24th February 2012 talk with Spoone school Towcester , Northamptonshire.

Saturday 25th Februrary 2012 booksigning Coventry , West Midlands Waterstones.

Thursday 1st March 2012talk to Duston Primary School, Northamptonshire.

Saturday 3rd March 2012 book signing Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, Waterstones

Saturday 6th March  2012interview Mrecia radio.

Sunday 11th March to London for filming with Guinness World Records for the documentorary to be shown on ITV1 sometime later in the year.

Thursday 15th March 2012 talk with Kingsthorpe Primary School, Northamptonshire creative writing.

Saturday 17th March Solihull Waterstones, West Midlands Waterstones.

Tuesday 20th March 2012 Creative writing talk Moulton school, Northamptonshire.

Wednesday 28th March 2012 Photo shoot for Your Cat Magazine.

Thursday 12th April  2012 more filming for ITV documentorary.

Sunday 29th April 2012 Elly Pet Blessing service at Ely Cathederal to raise funds/awarness for Woodgreen the animal charity.

Saturday 5th May 2012 Perterborghbook signing Waterstones.

Sunday 13th May 2012 Your Cat magazine featuring a double page spread with Smokey released.

Saturday 19th May 2012 booksigning with Your Cat Magazine Walkers book shop  Stamford,Lincolnshire

Sunday 3rd June booksigning Oxford Street Plaza Waterstones in London. Featured in Time Out Events.

Saturday 9th June 2012 Bedford , Bedfordshire, booksigning Waterstones.

Tuesday 19th June Creative writing talk Moulton school, Northamptonshire.

Wednesday 20th June 2012 Group therapy session Cynthia Spencer Hospice ,Northamptonshire. Purring and telling our story.

Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th July 2012  A Lead attraction at Daventry Artys Festival, Northamptonshire.

Saturday 12th August 2012 East Hunsbury Library talk.Featured on ITV Anglia news

Thursday 16th August 2012 National Cat Awards at the Savoy Hotel in London.Organised by Cats Protection (leading UK feline charity) Smokey was a finalist in the "Outstanding Rescue Cat" categary.

Sunday 12th August 2012 Library talk Hunsbury Library ,Northamptonshire.

Sunday 19th August 2012 Library talk,Northampton, Northamptonshire.

Sunday 26th August 2012  Library talk Long Buckby, Northamptonshire.















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